Unbuffered DDR

Unbuffered DDR2

Unbuffered DDR3

ssd-triangle.pngDDR2 SO-DIMMS

ssd-triangle.pngDDR2 SO-DIMMS

ssd-triangle.pngDDR3 SO-DIMMS

ssd-triangle.pngDDR3 SO-DIMMS1

        Laptop memory is designed for compatibility with a wide range of portable computers. Our fully JEDEC compliant SO-DIMMs are built with only the highest quality components. All new products, new component suppliers, and chnology changes are rigorously tested in a multitude of laptop computers in our Compatibility Labs prior to production.

        Laptop memory is 100% tested. Every SO-DIMM module we build is tested at its rated specs to guarantee functionality. Our SO-DIMMs are backed with Super Talents lifetime warranty, and are perfect for upgrades.
SO-DIMM modules up to 2GB