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Server Memory




Samsung DDR3





 ECC Registered DDR

ECC Registered DDR2


Samsung DDR3 RDIMM


1. Fully JEDEC compliant

2. 100% Tested to ensure optimum quality

3. DDR & DDR2 ECC Registered DIMMs to 4GB

4. Very Low Profile modules (0.70" / 0.72" tall) for blade servers and Advanced TCA applications


Why Infomicrocorp Server Memory?

Ultimate Reliability

Our Server memory is designed in compliance with JEDEC specifications to deliver uncompromised reliability in mission critical server applications. We deliver consistency you can count on by using only major brand components and performing relentless compatibility testing.

Broad Product Range

Our Server products include DDR and DDR2 ECC Registered modules. We also offer very low profile modules (0.70” / 0.72” tall) for blade servers and Advanced TCA applications. Our in-house design capabilities enable us to bring new products to market quickly. Super Talent has dozens of patents pending for our product innovation.

Validated on Leading Server Boards

To ensure compatibility with the latest server motherboards, Super Talent Engineers subject each product to an intensive battery of hardware and software tests. Following our own in-house testing, Super Talent Server memory is validated by top server board makers like Supermicro, Tyan, Intel, and Iwill on their newest server platforms. Super Talent memory is also tested and certified by CMTL, the memory industry's leading independent compatibility test lab.

100% Tested on Server Boards

Every Super Talent Server module must pass our two-phase production test before shipping. Products are first tested for opens and shorts by an automated DIMM tester, and are then hand tested in a server motherboard to ensure functionality under load.

Excellent Service & Support

Our experienced US-based Server engineers are glad to help solve issues. Should a failure occur, use our convenient on-line RMA form. We also offer specialized services such as failure analysis and custom test processes.

Lifetime Warranty

Super Talent backs its Server memory with excellent service and support and a limited lifetime warranty.