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Informicrocorp's OEM Division is dedicated to supporting the specific memory requirements of OEM customers.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Informicrocorp designs and manufactures DDR and DDR2 memory modules and Flash based storage devices for computers and consumer electronics. The company offers a full range of OEM products and services.

Engineered in Silicon Valley

Counting 20 years of Memory Industry experience,Informicrocorprelies on technical research and its commitment to product development to deliver leading edge memory products to the market. Remaining at the fore-front of today's fast paced evolution in technology,Informicrocorp holds multiple patents on DRAM and Flash module design as well as on manufacturing processes. Actually,Informicrocorp is ranked among the top memory solutions manufacturers in terms of total patents applied under memory device categories.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Informicrocorp utilizes advanced technology and leading-edge components to produce high quality products with outstanding reliability. With Twenty two SMT manufacturing lines in US and Shenzen China, our production facility stands as one of the largest and most advanced memory module production facilities in the memory Module industry.

Our Factory

Quality Assurance

Every memory product we produce is subject to essential hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. Our memory modules are rigorously qualified in Informicrocorp's compatibility labs, and are then tested and approved by many top motherboard manufacturers. Our intensive quality control and testing procedures are designed to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Service and Support

Informicrocorpt's mission is to provide customers with the most innovative and reliable technology solutions to meet their data storage needs. With the headquarters in the Silicon Valley, Informicrocorp provides customers a competitive advantage by strengthening their performance, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. Informicrocorp is a service oriented company and strives to find customers the most optimal solutions based on their goals. We have a wide range of customized business technology solutions to choose from. Our flexibility is reflected in four major business functions, such as, design, manufacturing, testing, and logistics. We bring many years of experience in small business as well as large multi-national corporations and government agencies.